Are You Tired of these Talent Acquisition Pain Points?

Are You Tired of These Talent Acquisition Pain Points?

Today’s HR and recruiting professionals face a host of challenges. Despite growing levels of employee turnover, a skills-gap in the marketplace that drives up competition for qualified applicants, and technology solutions that sometimes create more work, not less, talent acquisition teams must continue to fulfill their company’s personnel requirements in a rapidly-changing market. Isn’t it time we made it easier for them to connect with qualified, motivated candidates?

The team at JobShakers created a solution with this goal in mind. But first, let’s take a look at a few of the pain points that recruiting professionals face today.

Growing Levels of Employee Turnover

A rebounding job market is good news for job seekers but can create major headaches in HR, as increased mobility and opportunity often contribute to higher employee turnover rates. In addition to the high cost of replacing and training employees, high turnover rates impact overall productivity and make it difficult to create and maintain the kind of company culture that both encourages loyalty and stability and attracts the attention of skilled candidates.

Difficulty Finding Qualified Applicants

While this is a perennial problem for recruiting professionals, the Society for Human Resource Management recently released study data that found a significant increase in the number of HR teams who report difficulty recruiting qualified full-time staff in 2016. The teams surveyed cited lack of work experience or a dearth of technical skills in candidates and competition from other employers as root causes of this issue.

Aligning Employer Branding & Candidate Perception

In addition to struggling to find skilled candidates who meet the requirements of vacant positions, recruiters are tasked with evangelizing their company’s culture and employer brand. After they identify qualified candidates, they must positively differentiate their company from competitors in order to make the match. Aligning the strengths of their employer brand with a candidate’s unique priorities is an additional creative challenge.

Taking Advantage of Social Hiring

As CareerArc reports, over 80% of job seekers use social media as part of their job search. While this may allow recruiters to cast a wider net, it also means they must pay attention to an ever-increasing number of social platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more. The need to update, engage, and leverage each of these resources creates significant redundancies and stress points for HR professionals.

So, how can talent acquisition and recruiting teams mitigate these recurring pain points and fulfill human capital needs without the headache?

Create a Culture of Employee Referrals

At JobShakers, we understand the stresses and strains facing talent acquisition professionals, so we’re revolutionizing the status quo to give them a tool that addresses these pain points head on. We believe that enabling a proactive and intuitive culture of employee referrals has a positive impact on each of the issues explored above. Here’s how:

Employee Turnover

Why do employees stray in search of greener pastures? Dissatisfaction with job mobility and workplace culture are high on the list. What better way to keep current employees engaged and aware of the opportunities your company offers than by giving them a voice in the hiring process through referrals? Enabling them to actively participate in the development of the organization and its culture increases employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Qualified Applicants

Who better to understand the necessary qualifications than the employees who have their feet on the ground inside the company? An employee referral program that clearly outlines the kind of education, training, and experience you are seeking allows current employees to reach out to qualified candidates within their social circle. Providing recognition and incentives for those who make successful referrals further strengthens the pool of talent they build for you.

Employer Brand

Are you sensing a trend? Your current employees are in the best position to truly understand your employer brand and their enthusiasm for the company culture they are a part of allows them to be your best evangelists. Nothing helps a job candidate understand the strengths of an organization like speaking with current employees. An active, intuitive referral program positions those employees as your front-line recruiting team.

Social Hiring

Employee referral programs won’t completely take the place of your social media outreach, but each engaged employee brings their entire social network to the table, dramatically increasing your audience and reach. Leveraging existing connections and relationships is the best way to expand your social circle and keep up with the demands of today’s diverse social platforms.

The Employee Referral Program Solution

Not all employee referral programs work wonders, but when done right (as TalentHQ reveals with these best practices), they can revolutionize your recruiting efforts and mitigate many of the challenges HR and recruiting professionals face.

If you’re tired of these talent acquisition pain points, schedule a JobShakers Demo today and find out how our employee referral program solution can help.

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