Attract Passive Job Seekers

Looking for Exceptional Candidates? Engage Passive Job Seekers

When it comes to recruiting exceptional employees, “passive” probably isn’t on your list of attractive qualities. But what would you think if we told you that passive job seekers should be at the top of your list? Here’s the truth: with US unemployment levels lower than they have been in years, targeting passive candidates is the best way to reach qualified, high-performing potential applicants.

The struggle to identify and engage with qualified job seekers is all too real for HR and recruiters today. Instead of stressing over the lack of qualified, active job seekers, find ways to engage with passive talent and reap the rewards of a larger and deeper pool of candidates.

Active vs. Passive Candidates

What’s the difference between active and passive job seekers? Active job seekers are those who are currently scouring job boards daily, sending out resumes, and pounding the pavement in search of new opportunities. Passive job seekers, on the other hand, are likely to be currently employed and happy with their job, yet open to considering exciting new opportunities when they are presented to them.

While a comprehensive recruiting strategy should embrace both types of job seekers, there are distinct advantages for companies that choose to reach out to passive candidates.

You Should Be Targeting Passive Candidates

The truth about passive job seekers is not that they’re less motivated or interested in taking the next step in their careers – it’s that they’re secure in their skill set and employability, most likely because they already have a job they enjoy. That doesn’t mean that these candidates aren’t open to or eager about the possibility of making a change. In fact, 71% of people who are currently employed are open to a new job, and 65% of people “passively” look for new jobs within 91 days of being hired, according to a survey by

What does this mean? There’s a much larger pool of potential candidates if you’re willing to look below the surface. Passive candidates are more likely to possess in-demand skill sets, productive work ethics, and high-performing personalities. In short, there’s a good reason they’re already employed! So how can you reach these qualified high-achievers?

Create a Strategy to Attract Passive Job Seekers

Emphasize Company Culture

Because passive candidates are likely to be happy in their current positions, your company culture is your big chance to distinguish yourself as a compelling step in a new direction. By emphasizing what makes your company unique, you’re able to present an open position as a long-term opportunity for growth rather than a short term, lateral career move.

Passive job seekers often require an incentive to make a change. This can come in the form of a salary increase or a title bump, but also the opportunity to be a part of a workplace that places greater value on employee engagement and development. A company culture that provides meaning and motivation can be a powerful and alluring resource in your recruiting efforts.

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Deploy Your Built-In Army of Recruiters

One of the arguments that is most often made against passive candidates is that they require more work from recruiters. After all, passive candidates won’t knock on your door – you have to find them where they already are. The good news is that there’s a simple and straightforward way to reach these candidates, and your greatest asset for recruiting them is right under your nose.

Employee referral programs are the ideal way to recruit passive candidates, as they leverage your employee’s existing networks to identify and attract hard-to-source, passive candidates. Great people know great people, and your current employees can easily engage contacts who would be a perfect fit for your company’s open positions.

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Make It Easy to Apply

Pursuing passive job seekers is a promising way to reach highly qualified candidates, so you’ll want to make it as simple as possible for them to follow through with an application. The Society for Human Resource Management says that “According to SHRM’s Recruiting Checklist for Quality Hires, the best performers are often passive job seekers who lack… time in going through a cumbersome application process. Online applications that require excessive click-throughs or that are not designed for mobile access may discourage (them) from completing the application.”

That’s why JobShakers’ mobile employee referral platform makes it easy for your employees to refer qualified passive candidates and for those referrals to complete an application from their mobile device. With our comprehensive, streamlined solution, it’s simpler than ever to engage passive job seekers. For HR, recruiters, employees, and candidates, it’s a win-win proposition.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of a talent pool filled with exceptional passive candidates? Contact us today to get started.

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