The JobShakers Strategy for Attracting Exceptional Employees

At JobShakers, we know that exceptional employees deliver exceptional results and build exceptional companies. That’s why we’ve dedicated our efforts to helping businesses attract exceptional talent through our exceptional employee referral platform. We also know that HR and recruiters face a constant struggle to source qualified talent, especially given today’s historically low unemployment rates. Our modern employee referral solution is designed for the mobile-minded, socially conscious workforce and the busy HR professionals who oversee it, making it easier than ever before to benefit from referrals.

The current shortage of qualified job seekers, combined with high attrition rates, makes it vital for businesses to create a deliberate strategy to attract passive talent (that is, qualified employees who aren’t actively seeking new opportunities but are open to them when they come along). Who better than your current exceptional employees to refer exceptional candidates and keep your talent pipeline robust and effective?

Finding Your “Best Fit” Talent

What do we mean by “exceptional employees”? Well, exceptional employees are skilled in their trade, are a good fit with your company culture, and are engaged in their work. This is what we call “best fit” talent. These exceptional employees strengthen the HR value chain through meaningful engagement in work and company culture. Their contributions drive increased customer satisfaction, which leads to lower expenses and higher operating income. This results in a substantial competitive advantage, making it easier to recruit more exceptional employees.

What’s the best way to find exceptional new employees? Referrals from the exceptional employees who are already driving success at your company. Today’s socially-connected culture means that your existing employees are at the center of a massive network of like-minded professionals who share their values and work ethic. An intuitive employee referral platform enables these employees to hand pick candidates who they already know will be a good fit for your company.

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A Deliberate Strategy to Attract Passive Talent

Exceptional employees are most likely to be found when they are not actively seeking new employment in the first place. After all, truly exceptional talent is likely to be employed at a company that values their contributions. These candidates, who may not be actively seeking a new opportunity, are willing to consider a change, especially when the invitation comes from someone they already know instead of an anonymous recruiter.

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Businesses that lack a strategy for attracting passive talent are less competitive for talent, as they are ignoring the most powerful source of exceptional, motivated employees. Attracting passive talent requires the development and deployment of a conscious strategy. HR and recruiters understand the need to stay proactive during the good times and relevant and budget-conscious during hard times. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is through a “drip-on-the-rock” strategy of employee referrals.

The Best Source of Exceptional Talent? Employee Referrals

Great people know great people – that’s the foundational wisdom behind a successful employee referral program. Through referrals, your great people can identify and attract hard-to-source passive candidates, leading to an HR value chain that creates continued success. Referrals are the ideal way to reach passive candidates because they come from people they already know and trust. When referred by a trusted source, passive candidates are more likely to put their best foot forward in order to live up to the recommendation of the individual who referred them. In turn, employees are likely to refer only the most exceptional of their contacts in order to make a positive impact on their workplace.

Referred candidates also contribute to important HR functions in many ways, as evidenced by these statistics provided by Undercover Recruiter: 47% of employees hired through referrals remain in their new position for over 3 years, in contrast with only 39% of those found through a career site. In addition to staying longer, referred employees take less time to hire, taking 10-25 days less on average to hire than employees sourced through other channels. It’s a win-win situation for HR and employees alike.

Passive candidates represent as much as 75% or more of the global workforce and are less likely to be interviewing with other employers, which means less competition and delay during the hiring process. They are also more likely to care about work culture and to contribute to it in positive ways. According to data provided by Glassdoor, “84% (of passive candidates) would consider leaving their current jobs if offered another role with a company that had an excellent corporate reputation.”

So, what are you waiting for?

The Future of Employee Referrals is Here

JobShakers sophisticated, technology-driven employee referral platform makes it easier than ever for HR and recruiting professionals to benefit from a robust pipeline of exceptional passive candidates through employee referrals. Our mobile-enabled solution encourages employee engagement and streamlines the referral process for employees, candidates, and HR alike. There’s simply no better way to attract exceptional employees!

If you’re ready to reach out to passive talent and fill your recruiting pipeline with exceptional candidates, contact us today to learn more about our innovative employee referral platform.

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