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To Recruit Millennials, Embrace a Mobile, Social Approach

Currently, 1 in 3 American workers is a Millennial (part of the generation born between 1981 and 1997). By the year 2025, it’s projected that they will make up nearly 75 percent of the workforce. This generation, shaped by their unique relationship to technology and economic instability, are in turn shaping the way we work today and into the future.

Do you have a strategy for recruiting them? HR and recruiters who actively seek Millennials know that they have different priorities and preferences when it comes to where they work and how they’re hired. Embracing this new paradigm in recruiting is a vital part of winning the war for talent.

Millennial Priorities in the Job Search

There’s a simple reason that employer branding and candidate experience have become such hotly discussed topics over the last several years – Millennial job seekers. Research done by LinkedIn in 2016 demonstrates this generation’s focus on understanding a company’s culture and values – in fact, it’s their #1 priority.


36 percent of Millennials surveyed said that the biggest obstacle to accepting a job was “Not knowing what the company is like.” More than any other generation, Millennials are likely to follow a company’s social media accounts in order to learn more and determine their level of interest in an opportunity.

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Millennials also appreciate being kept in the loop. In fact, having grown up in a society in which technology allowed for continually faster methods of communication, they expect it. 30 percent cited “applying and not hearing back” as a major obstacle to their interest in a particular opportunity.


In addition, Millennials seek the feeling of community in prospective workplaces. “Millennials seek a strong sense of belonging… from the moment they express interest in a job,” hiring expert John Rossheim explains for Monster. They want to feel connected to a company’s purpose and its people and are willing to look elsewhere if this connection fails.


Finally, Millennials seek tech-savvy workplaces. On Forbes, Paycom’s Jeff York writes that “Technology has become completely unified into the everyday life of millennials. They no longer ask for sufficient technology at their jobs; they expect it.” The same is true of the application and hiring process – an old-fashioned approach won’t cut it. Millennials use their smartphones for everything, including their job search, so if your website and recruiting process aren’t mobile, you’re missing out.

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Meet Millennial Expectations with Employee Referrals

Millennials prioritize understanding, communication, community, and technology as they seek employment opportunities. How can HR and recruiters meet these needs and create an innovative, Millennial applicant pipeline? The answer is simpler than you might think!

LinkedIn acknowledges that, based on their data, “When they decide to look for a new job, referrals are still the number one resource Millennials use.” And when you think about it, that makes a lot of sense. A referral from an existing employee at a company is a prime opportunity to provide understanding, communication, community, and a technology-enabled approach.


Who better than an existing employee to share their understanding of your company’s culture and values? With their boots-on-the-ground insight, an employee making a referral serves as a front-line recruiter, advocating for their employer’s brand and serving as a human face of the company they represent. It’s the kind of social recruiting that resonates with a Millennial audience.


In addition, an employee referral provides an opportunity for ongoing communication between the referred candidate and the employee who makes the referral. Candidates have an open line of communication with someone who can answer their questions and keep them in the loop. A referral program that includes automated messaging is also attractive to Millennials, providing access to information about their status in the hiring process and keeping them engaged.


A Millennial candidate who is referred by an existing employee feels as though they already have a stake in the workplace community they are applying to become a part of. Even if the referral takes place on a social network and not face to face, the incentive to live up to a referrer’s recommendation encourages the candidate to put their best foot forward during the hiring process and afterward.


A mobile-enabled referral platform gives Millennial applicants a comfortable, tech-savvy portal to apply and track their application status. It also reinforces your company’s commitment to providing up-to-date technology to employees, which is a major driver for Millennial applicants.

JobShakers’ innovative, mobile referral platform is a great way to attract, track, and engage Millennial candidates and current employees. Once they’re hired, Millennials appreciate the ability to impact company culture through making referrals of their own. And for HR and recruiters, JobShakers provides a streamlined management portal (including automated messaging) that makes it easier than ever before to run a thriving employee referral program.

Are you ready to learn more about attracting Millennial applicants through our innovative referral platform? Contact us today!

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