How Are You Building Your Employer Brand?

How Are You Building Your Employer Brand?

In today’s competitive recruiting environment, it’s vital that HR and recruiters use every tool at their disposal to attract, hire, and retain qualified, hard-working employees. This has led to the increasing prominence of the employer brand – an organization’s reputation as an employer and the value proposition it makes to its employees. As distinct from a corporate brand, an employer brand is specifically designed to appeal to current and prospective employees, signifying that a company is a desirable place to work.

For today’s job seekers, 61% of whom research company reviews and ratings before deciding to apply (as Glassdoor reports), an employer brand can mean the difference between accepting or turning down a job offer. In a highly saturated job market that empowers job seekers to find an organization that meets their expectations, employer branding can’t be left to chance. So, how are you building your employer brand?

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The Pillars of Successful Employer Branding

As Richard Mosley writes for Harvard Business Review, employer branding first gained traction in the mid-aughts, when growing competition for talent spurred major brands to turn their focus inward. However, a lot has changed since then. “The rise of social media has made companies a great deal more transparent,” Mosley writes. Now, “People are far more likely to trust a company based on what its employees have to say than on its recruitment advertising. This means that talent attraction relies far more heavily on employee engagement and advocacy.”

Where is this conversation taking place? Online of course, often on job sites such as Glassdoor, where potential applicants can read about other’s experiences and begin to educate themselves about the companies they are considering. That’s why your approach to employer branding should begin with a little bit of research.

Learn What People Are Saying About You

Glassdoor experts suggest improving your employer brand from the ground up by conducting a thorough search of online discussions about your company. What are current employees saying? What about past employees? And don’t forget previous job candidates – their experience can influence prospective candidates, too. As you research, “Keep a cool head, take notes and identify common themes,” they recommend.

Have past candidates struggled to complete your application or wished that they could access an online version? That’s good to know. Have they been given access to the kind of information they wanted to gain a clear understanding of your workplace culture and how they might fit in? Consider how your company might better meet their needs.

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Shape the Conversation in Productive Ways

Once you’ve done your research and learned how applicants experience your employer brand, it’s time to take charge of the conversation. How? Place your employee experience front and center by deputizing model employees to share their thoughts on visible platforms. As our friend Nancy McCullough writes, “Encourage your employees to be active on your company’s social media pages and share their enthusiasm for their work and their colleagues. Your current employees are in the strongest position to provide authentic and credible support for your employer brand.”

Prospective applicants or employees want an inside look into what it’s like to work at your company, and who better than your current employees to provide the information they need? In addition to incentivizing employee participation on social media and hiring forums, you can centralize your employee experience by creating and sharing employee success stories, celebrating employee achievements, and promoting your top achievers. Make your support for your employees visible, both from your perspective and theirs, and you’re on the way to building a compelling employer brand.

Employee Referral Programs & Employer Brand: A Natural Match

A healthy employer brand creates positive results for HR and recruiters, making it easier to build a pipeline of enthusiastic and qualified applicants. There’s one particular recruiting method that, when paired with your employer brand, can provide exceptional results. An employee referral program is a natural match for building an exceptional employer brand because it deputizes existing employees as front-line advocates in the search for talent.

Referral programs and employer branding have a symbiotic relationship – referrals help shape and grow an employer brand, and employer brand helps drive successful referrals. By empowering your trusted employees to share your brand with others, you engage them as brand advocates and recruiters at the same time, increasing their engagement and their ability to create positive change.

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