JobShakers’ Comprehensive Employee Referral Program Resource
Over the past year, we’ve taken a deep dive into the top source of new hires, the employee referral program. Many human resources and talent acquisition professionals have discovered the power of deputizing existing employees as front-line recruiting allies in the search for top-tier talent. With JobShakers’ comprehensive employee referral program solution, we’ve made it easier than ever before to implement and manage a successful referral program.

We’ve collected all of our insights into one streamlined resource to share all of our employee referral program knowledge and expertise.

The Benefits of Employee Referral Programs

The advantages of referrals in talent acquisition are well documented, including a shorter and less expensive recruiting process, longer employee retention, and the highest applicant to hire conversion rate. The following articles contain our in-depth explorations of the many benefits of hiring by referral:

Implementing Your Referral Program

Employee referral programs turn your existing employees into front-line recruiters, harnessing their professional networks to identify and attract qualified job candidates. Of course, the success of the program rests on employee engagement and program adoption. Here’s how to streamline the implementation process and see immediate benefits:

Employee Referrals for Culture & Engagement

Many HR professionals don’t realize the many additional benefits of fostering a consistent focus on employee referrals. Aside from the strengths of referral programs in recruiting qualified and culture-matched new employees, referral programs provide an opportunity to strengthen office culture and employee engagement:

Impacting the Candidate & Employee Experience

Candidate experience is the new gold standard for the hiring process. Not only do referred candidates have a built-in personal connection to your company (through their contact who made the referral), but your referral program can make a positive impact on the experience of candidates and existing employee alike. Here’s how:

Maintaining the Success of Your Referral Program

Too many companies are caught up in “old model” employee referral programs and growing frustrated with their results. However, it’s not the referral method that is stuck in the past – it’s the program. That’s why JobShakers has reinvented the employee referral program with a comprehensive solution that addresses the ways in which “old model” programs fail:

Our Innovative Referral Program Solution

At JobShakers, we know that exceptional employees deliver exceptional results and build exceptional companies. That’s why we’ve dedicated our efforts to helping businesses attract exceptional talent through our exceptional employee referral platform. Our modern employee referral solution is designed for the mobile-minded, socially conscious workforce and the busy HR professionals who oversee it:

We hope this resource provides valuable knowledge that will assist you in your talent acquisition efforts. If you’d like to learn even more about partnering with JobShakers to experience the full benefits of a robust, innovative employee referral program, contact us today.

We’re looking forward to another year of helping companies like yours gain the competitive edge they need through the power of employee referrals!

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