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JobShakers is the gold standard in talent acquisition

71% of H.R. professionals say referrals from existing employees were the source of their best hires.

More likely to hire
Faster to hire
Retention rate

Simple implementation

  • Little/no IT involvement  |  just link to Job Feed

  • Communicates with your Applicant Tracking Software – a JobShakers “Source Code” is added to the URL string when a candidate is referred to a job, which enables the referral record to be tracked

  • Data secure/protected

Your best recruiting ROI

  • No upfront implementation or configuration charges

  • Simple monthly software license/subscription fee scaled based on total number of employees

  • 1 year contract | 90-day out-clause

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How you benefit

Referrals are the gold standard of recruitment. But the mechanics of most referral programs need an update.
What if referrals could be made with a smartphone – using an app that displays both an employee’s contacts and their company’s job postings?

More qualified candidates

Referral candidates are “prescreened” by your staff, so your candidate pool is a higher quality than most sourcing pools.

Faster time-to-fill

Employee referrals result in faster time-to-fill (29 days for referrals, 39 days for job boards, and 45 days for career sites)

Lower cost-per-hire

Employee referrals for executive and specialized positions can dramatically reduce executive search and agency fees.

Diversity impact

Employee referrals are a great source for diversity hires, well ahead of major job boards and diversity career fairs.

JobShakers Dashboard

Less management time

JobShakers is a multi-tenant enterprise level SaaS system that is hosted on cloud servers. Clients export job postings via XML. Each posting is geo-located and pushed to employees based on each client’s criteria. For each referral, information on the referring employee and candidate are routed to the client. All client datasets are available on demand via the JobShakers API.

Reporting features:

  • Job posting history
  • Referring employee contact information
  • Referred candidate contact information
  • Referred candidate clickstream information
  • History of all referred candidates
  • Hiring success rates for referred candidates
  • Referral incentives tracking
  • Employee referral activity and success rate